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Word cloud art generator
Word Cloud Art Generator is an app that keeps your words straight in shape. The best tool for text on pictures, the top typography app with cool fonts!

Creating a word cloud has now been simplified with a phonetic word art generator. It creates a word cloud with the text selected for each word and designs a word cloud tag to fit the image. It is skilled in choosing the correct color and font combination visibility of each word.

Enter a few words, and the app will shuffle them around in a scattered fashion. Choose a color or some key words, shape them, export them and use a picture. Clean it and repeat. It offers unique font style, and the best thing is that you can choose each of them to create Wonderful Word Art.

App Key Features:
The Shape Word Cloud Art Generator app keeps your words in one shape, and features special features.
Create Shape: It stores many options in shapes to create a unique design.
Which borders: This app gives different special borders that add properties to your creation.
Options BG Color: The Word Cloud app offers many color options for amazing color art.
✔ Fonts and Sizes: This allows you to create incredible text effects, and share it!

How to use Word Cloud Art Generator App?
1. Tap on Create words and enter the text of your choice (eg: name, word wish etc.)
2. You have many options in color, size, Bgcolor, fonts and its size to create an incredible art.
3. Share the photo with your friends from the app! Or post it on social networks
4. Don’t forget to save the result. You may want to get it back later!

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