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VovSoft Text Edit Plus is a lightweight and simple to use application enables the users to easily create new text documents or change the existing ones. The application enables the users to view key data on characters, words and lines employed on the source document. It offers several auxiliary tools like line randomizer, field generator and line clipper. The program provides you with a richer set of important functions and features allowing you to better handle your text. It has the ability of encoding and decoding text and allows you to effortlessly delete empty lines, combine several lines, filter lines by various criteria, delete duplicate lines and much more. The line clipper or combiner are the two such functions that can quickly perform operations on multiple paragraphs.  The application comes with a clean and simple interface that newcomers will find it very easy to grasp as it relies on menus and most of the core functions are easily accessible.

VovSoft Text Edit Plus is a comprehensive application offering wider set of smart features such as adding date and time, changing the background color and font properties, extracting the text, find and replace text, full screen view, generate email list and many more. The applicatin also allows you to convert Lower Case to Upper Case and vices versa. The program is useful for anyone who regularly work with the text documents. Its analysis module can be valuable when it comes to carry on quick statistic on the text documents. It has the ability to compute  word frequencies which might be a good educational tool as it allows teachers to easily spot and quantify repetitions. The application also has the ability to load various standard text files, such as TXTs. CSVs and HTMLs, however, new documents can also be created from the scratch. All in all, VovSoft Text Edit Plus is a simple and effective text editor and analyzer that can view and edit text files, perform statistical analysis of the document and encrypt its contents.

Features of VovSoft Text Edit Plus

  • Easily create new text documents or change the existing ones.
  • View key data on characters, words and lines employed on the source document.
  • Ability to encode and decode text.
  • Delete empty lines.
  • Combine several lines.
  • Filter lines by criteria.
  • Find and replace the text.
  • Compute word frequencies.
  • Generate email list.
  • Carry on quick statistics on documents.
  • Load various text files such as TXTs. CSVs and HTMLs.

System Requirements for VovSoft Text Edit Plus

  • Operating System: Windows-XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher

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