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Name Art Photo Editor – Focus n Filters Free Download APK

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Name Art Photo Editor – Focus n Filters
Write your name on photos with unique font styles, add beautiful stickers or emojis, set a nice background, create a nice pattern and make your name different and stylish.
Set as a profile pick on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and more.

Make your name or family or friend’s name unique with “Name Art Photo Editor 2020” and surprise them.

If you want to create your real signature on your image then this app is an awesome tool.
People who want to make their name as a brand will like this name art
It is very simple and easy to use.

Write your name on the image that makes your name in a stylish art way. with this
You can make the application your name as your signature also allows you
Style your name by generating text on images with ease in seconds
Our best and best app.

This name also provides stickers like art smiley, wishes, birthday, special day,
Birds, flowers, love, cartoons, fruits, toys and especially feathers
An essential feature to decorate your image in a beautiful way and make it unique

You can use this app as a name live wallpaper with focus n filter

You can also set your image as background, you can also change your background color and name color. Name can be resized as per your need
And you can also blur the image.

A frame is a decorative edge to a picture that looks at an image
Great this app makes it easy to display your image within the frame
And the art that gives a special look to your image.

A font is the best resource that provides different types of fonts such as
Font size, font color, font style. You can choose the style of the text shadow: you can give the shadow effect to the text to look stylish.
Which makes you unique when comparing yourself to others.

This app also provides important paint feature which is finger touch to draw.
You have the option of size, opacity. If anything went wrong,
No worries, you have an option to undo and redo. Also you can clarify
Paint if you are not happy with the paint you have drawn.

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