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CSC ESR-GSR is the name of the technical and engineering software in the field of underground and ceramic reservoirs. The main application of this software is design and analysis. A unique software for analyzing, designing and obtaining details of underground and ceramic water reservoirs. Its extensive application in designing, modeling, analyzing and evaluating details in a very good software environment. With this software you will be able to finish your calculations correctly using the capabilities of this software.

Also, the CSC ESR-GSR software is used for hydrodynamic and continuous analysis as well as analysis of wind load and seismic events automatically. All of your analytics, which will lead to the design and simulation of an engineering system, can be emailed to the CAD format and used in CAD software. Having a very useful tool in this software makes it easier for you to analyze all your analytics, and you can get things done anytime soon.

Features of CSC ESR GSR v4

  • Software for calculating and analyzing and designing ceramic and underground water tanks
  • In general, it performs two basic steps of analysis and design
  • Analyzing different types of hydrodynamic systems is easier than ever
  • Designing and modeling different types of hydrodynamic systems simply
  • Static and dynamic 3D (3D) staging analysis
  • Automatic calculation of earthquakes and wind loads

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