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Color Mixer Free Download APK

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Color mixing in the real world is often counter-intuitive and completely different from the RGB model used in the digital world. In the RGB model, you need red and green to mix orange, but in the real world, you really need red and yellow to get orange.

Color Mixer is here to help solve real-world color mixing problems using its unique substandard color model. It is capable of emulating real-world color mixing and, more importantly, it can “unmix” any given color into a combination of mixing colors.

The app also has a custom made color picker that allows you to pick colors from variable sources, including color values ​​in an RGB wheel, CGYK or HSL model, an image from your gallery or camera, and your custom color table.

This app has 3 basic modes, “Unmix”, “Mix A + B” and “Convert A to B”. With “Unmix”, you select a color from the color picker and the app will resolve it in combination with the major colors. With “Mix A + B”, you select 2 colors and the app shows the result of mixing them together. With “Convert A to B”, the app gives you a color list that you must add to change one color to another.

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