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The Autodesk company produces a lot of software for various design operations. For the simulation part of the process steps, Autodesk Simulation provides a complete set of comprehensive software.

The Autodesk Moldflow or Autodesk Simulation Moldflow series is actually the company’s Moldflow software, which has been included in the company’s simulation list after being purchased by Autodesk and includes three major Autodesk Moldflow Adviser software, Autodesk Moldflow Insight and Autodesk Simulation Synergy, the core of the series Simulation.

Until the 2014 version of Autodesk Simulation, the Moldflow CAD Doctor software was considered one of the programs in the series, which, in subsequent versions, has become an independent tool for the entire Simulation series.

The Autodesk Moldflow Design software, which came up with the 2015 version of the Autodesk Simulation DFM, was individually located.

Features of Autodesk Moldflow Advisor 2019

– Determine the temperature and temperature distribution in a mold, during the plastic injection molding cycle

– Prediction of reaction of materials by pressure, heat and …

– Analysis of material properties for precise mechanical performance detection

– Create shrinkage mode and simulate piece loading

– Ability to import outputs of all types of CAD software

– There are over 9,200 ready-made plastic materials

System Requirements For Autodesk Moldflow Advisor 2019

Windows 8 or 8.1 Standard, Pro or Enterprise; Windows 7 (SP1 or later) Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate

Insight (solvers) only: Windows® Server 2008 (SP2 or later); Windows® Server 2012


2GHz CPU speed or faster

Number of Cores: Minimum Quad-core recommended


8GB RAM or higher

4GB or higher virtual memory / swap space

: Hard Disk Space

(12GB or higher free disk space (2GB MB free disk space for installation

: Graphic

512MB DRAM or higher OpenGL-capable graphics card

24bit color setting at 1,280 x 1,024 or higher screen resolution


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